Engineering Project Details

Phase: Preliminary Engineering

Project Manager:
Deana Brooks, E.I.T.

Contact Email:


PIOH Rehab-Sht1.pdf
PIOH Rehab-Sht2.pdf

This is a project to rebuild the existing two lanes on Little Neck Road between U.S. 17/Ogeechee Road and the Landfill Entrance just northwest of I-95. The reconstruction will allow for a future four lane section between U.S. 17 and I-95 to be built at a later date. The current reconstruction project will include additional lanes between U.S. 17 and Al Henderson Boulevard with a raised center median and a path on each side. The path on the southeast side of the road will continue about one and a half miles from U.S. 17. The concept plans are provided here for your review. Construction is anticipated in late 2021 or early 2022.