Engineering Project Details

Phase: Construction

Project Manager:
Pamela Bernard, P.E.

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Benton Boulevard - Conceptual Layout.pdf
Benton Boulevard - Concept 1.pdf

Benton Boulevard between Highlands Boulevard, Meinhard Road and State Route 30 is now open to traffic.  Meinhard Road at State Route 30 is now closed.  Access between State Route 30 and Meinhard Road is via Benton Boulevard.  

This is a SPLOST referendum project to extend Benton Boulevard from Highlands Boulevard to State Route 30. The extension includes a two lane road with a bridge at St. Augustine Creek and a culvert at Little Hearst Branch. It also includes roadway drainage, a sidewalk and intersection improvements at Highlands, Meinhard and State Route 30. The Board of Commissioners awarded a construction contract to Reeves Construction on December 21, 2018. Construction is now complete and the new section of Benton  Boulevard between Highlands Boulevard and State Route 30 is open to traffic. 

Meinhard Road at State Route 30 is now closed off permanently. Access to Meinhard Road will remain from State Route 21 via Hendley and Montieth Road as well as from Benton Boulevard. A cul-de-sac was constructed at the new end of Meinhard Road near State Route 30. 

Corrective work should be wrapping up in March and permanent grassing will be completed in the spring to complete the project.