The Chatham County Department of Engineering provides services in four broad categories: Technical Support, Project Management, Development, and Public Assistance and Relations. The Department protects public interests as administrator of the County Engineering Policy, the Land Disturbing Activities Ordinance, the Storm Water Management Ordinance, the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance and the Streetlight Ordinance.   Additionally, the Department administers miscellaneous requirements of the Code of Chatham County such as speed zone, water supply and sewerage. 

Technical Support: The Department provides technical engineering services (including traffic engineering) and support to other County departments, staff, elected officials and the public.

Project Management: The Department manages and administers the road and drainage capital improvement programs funded by the 1% Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST). This includes but is not limited to design, environmental permitting, utility relocation, right-of-way acquisition and construction management. Additionally, the Department coordinates projects with local municipalities, state agencies (e.g. Department of Transportation, Department of Natural Resources) and federal agencies (e.g. US Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Highway Administration), and provides contract management for other County construction projects.

Development: The Department reviews residential and commercial development plans, approves and issues development permits, and enforces compliance with County ordinances and statutes (state and federal).

Public Assistance and Relations: The Department provides general assistance to the citizens of Chatham County, hosts public hearings, attends community meetings and provides information to media.

Bradley Point Sidewalk Project  

Concept drawings for the Bradley Point Sidewalk Project can be accessed below. These exhibits will be on display at the meeting on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at the Frank Murray Community Center [Map & Directions]

PROJECT UPDATE – Based on comments received from the meeting March 3, 2015 regarding a 5-ft sidewalk on the north side of Bradley Point Road, staff will continue to develop construction plans for the entire project.  Construction will be phased.  Phase 1 will construct the sidewalk between Marsh Drive and Commodore Drive.  If there is support for additional phases, they will be constructed at a future date.

Benton Boulevard Extension Project  

This is a SPLOST referendum project to extend Benton Boulevard from Highlands Boulevard to State Route 30. The proposed extension will include a two lane road with a bridge at St. Augustine Creek and a culvert at Little Hearst Branch. It will also include roadway drainage, a shared-use path and intersection improvements at Highlands, Meinhard and State Route 30.

The purpose of Benton Boulevard is to provide connectivity between areas of development along the west side of the County and to create an alternate route to State Route 21. This segment completes the original concept plan for the corridor.

The roadway will include two twelve-foot travel lanes with a two-foot paved shoulder, a ten-foot shared-use path for pedestrians and bicycles, grass shoulders and ditches on each side. Right of Way will be purchased to allow for a future four lane section. 

The project length is 1.4 miles.

Project Schedule:
Preliminary Plans Complete:  Fall 2015
Right of Way Acquisition: Fall 2015 to Spring 2016
Begin Construction: Fall/Winter 2016 (Construction to last 18 to 24 months)


Canebrake Road Improvements  

Project Description:
Canebrake Road is an existing two-lane roadway with 10’ lanes.  This project will widen the roadway by increasing the lane widths to 11’, as well as add a 5’ sidewalk on the north side and a 10’ shared use path on the south side.  Project will include drainage improvements and possible MS4/water quality facilities.

Project Details:

  • Project Length = 0.66 miles
  • Speed Limit/Design Speed = 35 mph

Project Schedule

  • Construction in 2016
  • Estimated time of construction is 12 months

Skidaway Road Improvement Project  

General Description: This is a SPLOST referendum project to make improvements to the Skidaway Road corridor between Ferguson/ Norwood Avenue and Montgomery Cross Road. The proposed improvements include an upgrade of the existing traffic signal at Ferguson/ Norwood Avenue and a roundabout at the intersection of Skidaway, Montgomery Cross Road and Central Avenue.  It will also include roadway drainage and sidewalks on both sides of Skidaway Road.

Purpose: The purpose of the project is to make the road safer and more efficient for motorists and pedestrians, and improve drainage.

Typical section: Two eleven foot travel lanes with curb and gutter and six foot sidewalks on each side. Left turn lanes each way at the intersection of Ferguson/ Norwood Avenue.

Length: 0.44 miles

Cost Estimate
Right of Way: $3,000,000
Construction: $3,000,000

Right of Way Acquisition Late Summer 2015 to Fall 2016
Construction Late Fall 2016 to Summer of 2018



Flood Zones

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