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Current Projects

Engineering Projects  

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Phase Name Description
Right of Way Acquisition Skidaway Road Improvement Project

This is a SPLOST project to make improvements to the Skidaway Road corridor between Ferguson/ Norwood Avenue and Montgomery Cross Road. The currently proposed project includes an upgrade of the existing traffic signal at Ferguson/ Norwood Avenue and roadway drainage and sidewalks on both sides of Skidaway Road.

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Construction Benton Boulevard Extension Project

Benton Boulevard between Highlands Boulevard, Meinhard Road and State Route 30 is now open to traffic.  Meinhard Road at State Route 30 is now closed.  Access between State Route 30 and Meinhard Road is via Benton Boulevard.  

This is a SPLOST referendum project to extend Benton Boulevard from Highlands Boulevard to State Route 30. The extension includes a two lane road with a bridge at St. Augustine Creek and a culvert at Little Hearst Branch. It also includes roadway drainage, a sidewalk and intersection improvements at Highlands, Meinhard and State Route 30. The Board of Commissioners awarded a construction contract to Reeves Construction on December 21, 2018. Construction is now complete and the new section of Benton  Boulevard between Highlands Boulevard and State Route 30 is open to traffic. 

Meinhard Road at State Route 30 is now closed off permanently. Access to Meinhard Road will remain from State Route 21 via Hendley and Montieth Road as well as from Benton Boulevard. A cul-de-sac was constructed at the new end of Meinhard Road near State Route 30. 

Corrective work should be wrapping up in March and permanent grassing will be completed in the spring to complete the project.

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Construction Truman Linear Park Trail, Phase 2-A

The Truman Linear Park Trail Phase 2 is currently the number 1 ranked bikeway project in the Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization's "Non-motorized Transportation Plan," October 2014.  Phase 1 of the Truman Linear Park Trail is constructed; the trail begins at the Daffin Park Loop Trail and ends at the intersection of 52nd Street and Bee Road.  When fully constructed, Phases 1 and 2 of the Truman Linear Park Trail will link 827 acres of existing park land in Chatham County by connecting Lake Mayer Community Park (part of the Bacon Regional Park Tract, which consists of approximately 750 acres) to Daffin Park (a 77 acre park owned by the City of Savannah).  The trail will provide an ADA accessible, off-road/shared use path for recreational use by residents and tourists.

Chatham County and the City of Savannah have agreed to split local sponsorship of construction of Phase 2 of the trail.  The County will construct Phase 2-A from Lake Mayer to DeRenne Avenue.  The City will construct Phase 2-B from DeRenne Avenue to Bee Road/52nd Street.  The City will maintain the entire Phase 2 trail when construction is complete. 

Project construction will include lighting, cameras and emergency call boxes.

GDOT has authorized construction and Chatham County has awarded a construction contract to Astra Group. Notice to proceed was issued to Astra in February 2019.  Construction of Phase 2A is now complete and open to the public.


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Preliminary Engineering Little Neck Road

This is a project to rebuild the existing two lanes on Little Neck Road between U.S. 17/Ogeechee Road and the Landfill Entrance just northwest of I-95. The reconstruction will allow for a future four lane section between U.S. 17 and I-95 to be built at a later date. The current reconstruction project will include additional lanes between U.S. 17 and Al Henderson Boulevard with a raised center median and a path on each side. The path on the southeast side of the road will continue about one and a half miles from U.S. 17. The concept plans are provided here for your review. Construction is anticipated in late 2021 or early 2022.


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Construction Island's Expressway Bridge Replacement Project, P.I.#0007128

The Georgia Department of Transportation issued Notice to Proceed to Prince Contracting, LLC to begin construction on the replacement bridges on February 2, 2018.  Construction is underway.  The current end of contract time is November 30, 2021.  A project fact sheet is attached to describe what residents can expect during construction.  Any additional questions regarding the project may be emailed to Nathaniel Panther at the email address above.  

The Chatham County Noise Ordinance restricts the contractor's ability to operate any tools or equipment related to construction activity at any time between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. 


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Final Design Quacco Road Improvement Project

This project will include roadway widening and operational improvements to intersections, drainage features, and pedestrian facilities along a 2.6-mile-long segment of Quacco Road beginning east of the existing Quacco Road bridge over I-95 and terminating at SR 25/US 17.  The roadway widening will consist of two 12-foot lanes with a 14-foot flush median along most of the corridor.  Four 12-foot lanes and an urban typical section will be used at the intersection along the SR 25/US 17 widening. Right-turn-lanes will also be added along the corridor to prevent queuing along Quacco Road.  Pedestrian facilities will be a large part of the improvements for this project. A 10-foot shared use path will be along the north side and a 5-foot sidewalk will be along the south side and will include bus terminals for the CAT bus route that currently services the area. The project will improve and address the signalized intersection at SR 25/US 17. Chatham County held a public information open house for this project on June 13, 2017.  Additional details can be found on the attached advertisement.

The project was split into two phases for construction. Phase 1 includes the improvements at the intersection of Quacco Road and U.S. 17. Phase 1 construction is now underway. Phase 2 will include the widening of Quacco Road between I-95 and the intersection with U.S. 17. Phase 2 is currently scheduled after Phase 1 is complete in mid 2021.


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Preliminary Engineering Interstate 16 at State Route 307/Dean Forest Road Interchange Improvments

This project will reconstruct the bridge on Dean Forest Rd/ S.R. 307 over I-16 with a diverging diamond interchange. A Public Information Open House (PIOH) for this project was held on June 8, 2017 at Garden City Hall.  The concept displays and PIOH handout are attached.  This project was bid by GDOT as a design build project in summer of 2020. 

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Construction Jimmy DeLoach Parkway, Phase 2 and Jimmy DeLoach Parkway at U.S. 80 Interchange Project

The Georgia Department of Transportation awarded a construction contract to Balfour Beatty for construction of both projects.  The GDOT issued notice to proceed for construction and construction is underway on both projects.  The completion date for both projects is 10/31/2021.  

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Active Road Resurfacing Program

Chatham County has over 300 miles of roads to maintain.  SPLOST law was changed with the enactment of Sales Tax V that allowed for the resurfacing of existing roadways.  The Department of Engineering (DOE) along with the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed an efficient system for evaluating the condition of all roadways and allocating both SPLOST and Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) funds to the roads in the worst condition.  With this new system the DOE is able to target roads that need the most attention and allocate funds efficiently.

Attached to your left you will find a list of roads that have been rated to date (use CTRL+F to find your road) along with the list of roads included in the 2018 and 2019 resurfacing program. These roads will be paved in 2019 and 2020.



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Preliminary Engineering Islands Expressway at Oatland Island Rd

This operational improvement project on Islands Expressway will shift the location of the connection between Islands Expressway and Oatland Island Road on the north side and add turn lanes to improve the function and safety of the intersection. Please see the attached concept display that shows the proposed changes. Design is nearly complete and permitting is underway. Construction is anticipated in late 2021.


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